Melissa’s Public Explosions

Melissa was letting them rip in this trio of clips!! Love as that sexy mega chocolate booty you see Drops some serious farts and logs in the cup!! Love how she hovers over the toilet with her mega butt in the bowl to pee before proping that lovely ass on the bowl to crank out a nice shit. She isnt alone in these clips however, so you get to enjoy the sounds and splashes of the women in the adjacent stalls as well as a bonus!! Lol in the first clip its almost like she was trying to hold it while the other girls were going before letting her load out. But she couldnt hold in those farts and turds for too long!! Def another classic ass collection from the phattest in the game!! A Triple P adventure - Thats Peeing, Pooting, and Plopping for those that are unhip!