Miserable Toilet Slave

Permit yourself a luxurious movie from Mistress Emily. Love the taste of abasement and my delightful poo. I called the slave and told him to munch my shoes, clean it to shine with his tongue. He had no choice, because I fully mastered him and made him my personal toilet. Now he will dedicate the remnants of his life to serving me. In this video you will see my sexy luxurious body, but I do not allow a slave of contact with me. Only as a toilet, but no more. He knows his purpose. Now he licks my ass and suffocates from lack of air. He breathes only my ass and only occasionally I let in air. Then I fill his mouth with my shit and control the process of completely eating. Finally I spit in his cheated mouth. This is my full toilet and if you want to be in his place, then you must first be ready to eat my shit! Today and always.