Mistress Anna – bottomfeeder

BOTTOM FEEDERJust because a slave is an obedient toilet does not mean it doesnt need to be disciplined and whipped regularly. The fact of being penalized simply because I love hurting it makes the slave realize its sub-human status and shows its fundamental lack of worth. This movie embarks with my slave in flawless whipping position. The camera is behind my butt so you slaves masturbating at home can see my beautiful arse and flawlessly toned gams as they twist and turn to power my whip. My long brown hair drapes over my sinuous shoulders as I switch inbetween crop and cat-o-nine tails. I make the slave acknowledge the fact that it is a toilet continually and tell me how much it loves being my toilet. There are some shots up at me from inbetween the slaves gams so you can see the beautiful smile that the slaves suffering brings to my face. After making the slave beg to be my toilet, I release it from restrain bondage. It instant drops to its forearms and knees: training pays off. As it gratefully kisses my feet I enjoy hitting its ass some more and smile. I then order the slave to set up the toilet seat. Amazingly, it forgets to thank me and I have to prompt it Thank you Mistress Anna?, which the slave hurriedly echoes. Of course, I crop its balls anyway. The slave has a new mask made of its own underwear. I thought this was better than the leather mask because it is more humiliating and it feels more pain when i slap it. As usual, I generously grant the slave the privilege of worshiping my ass and lubricating my sacred asshole for a while. You get to see this from many angles, interspersed with many shots of my facial expressions. The delivery today is soft and creamy and the slave dutifully licks the shit out of my ass until its mouth is full. This portion is seen from every camera in its entirety so that losers masturbating at home can fully imagine what it would be like to be blessed with my shit. I have the slave spit the shit out temporarily so it can clean my ass. This time it is unusually messy so you get to see the slave do some real cleaning of the shit that has clung to my ass checks. Finally, I make the slave get on its hands and knees to lick up my shit as I punish it with my whip.