Mistress Anna – Farts And Shitty Torture

When you look at me, youll never guess, that behind the face of this beautiful youthful woman, is the persona of a badass master spy. Ive captured this lowlife actually attempting to spy on ME. So I tracked him down, chained him, and got a hold of his computer. Now, because I want to know everything that hes been ordered to research, about me, and to check for some other intel that might interest me, I need the password for his computer. I can hack it, but itll take too long, and I need to finish the job quick. So inseam, I had to torment him, in order to get what I want. I strike him with a whip, smacked his genitals, but he just wouldnt give the pass to me. Just when I was about to dispose of him, I got a excellent idea. Ive been holding on to a indeed big crap while infiltrating his house, and now I can use it to my advantage. I give him an ultimatum: Give me the password, or I will kaviar in your mouth. This truly gets to him, so he instantaneously slobbers it out. Another successful ul mission for me. Nevertheless, this worm has put me through a lot, and I still need to go to the toilet. So I will proceed with my original idea. I tease him with some farts, make him lick my perfect asshole, and finally, I have my moment of relief, directly in his mouth. I hope he remembers the taste and spreads the rumor of what happens if you try to spy on the master.