Mistress Gaia – A Drink For My Bitch

My bitch servant committed a big fault yesterday: she was disrespectful towards my beau and now she is paying for that. I made her spent the entire night on the metal bed in my cell, in the cold, with her forearms tied behind her back and a blindfold on her eyes, so that she is fully isolated from the outside world and has slew of time to think about her bad behavior. Of course, no food and no water. Now is late morning of the following day and I ultimately open the door of her cell. It seems the penalty is working: she is meek and servant and plead me for some water. I think that, after so many hours, she is worth a drink but it wont be what she expects. I put her on her feet and, without removing the blindfold, I take her to the shower. I make her lie down on the floor and I get ready to give her a drink. Very first, I liquidate my undies and put them in her mouth, so that she can smell and taste the aroma of my pussy juices. Then, I stand over her head, order her to open her mouth and I release a stream of pee directly in her throat. She cant but drink, while my pee splashes on her head and body. Her thirst has been satisfied but,now, she definitively needs a shower. I take a garden tube and I direct the powerful stream of icy water, first against her ass hole, then against her pussy and tits. She quivers in pain and asks for mercy but I dont stop until I think she is thoroughly clean. Now its time to take her back to her cell, still naked and blindfolded. Her punishment is not over yet: she needs to spend one more night on the iron bed!!! Good night!!!!