Mistress Gaia – A Foreign New Toilet

This slave traveled a long way to come to Rome and visit me because he despairingly dreamed to eat my crap. As I have said many times, a lot of slaves come for that purpose but, then, they either take my poop in mouth without gulping or can only ingest a very puny portions and, you know, I usually feces a lot!!. Let see what happens with this fellow. He is lounging on the floor, naked; after just a few preliminary feet licking, I squat over his head and I release the first sausage. He starts chewing and after a while everything is swallowed. Now, the second portion comes, and he swallows without problems. The third portions is really huge and, for a few seconds, he seems really in trouble. But he quickly recovers, starts chewing and swallows. He is definitively keeping his promise and I think he has earned a reward: he may be thirsty; therefore, Im going to give him my precious golden nectars. But I realize that I still have some shit, therefore, before drinking he has another piece of shit to swallow. Now he can quench his thirst and I make sure that not a single drop of my nectar is wasted. For sure this slave earned the big prize: I take his little prick in my hands and I make him cum. And what about you, slave; can you eat all my shit, up to the last bit?