Mistress Gaia – A Nerd Eating Shit

Custom-built REQUEST You are a college student and have enslaved a fellow student, a nerd who was entirely subjugated by your beauty and sexy assets. His task his to pass you the solutions of all tests suffering that you always receive the highest marks. Unluckily, yesterday, you got only 9 out of 10 in the biology test. You are very angry and want to penalize your slave in the most aggressive and humiliating way: he will have to eat your shit and drink your pee. You shit in a plate, the step on the plate with your shoe and order him to lick the sole clean. Its hard for the slave to avoid throwing up doing such a disgusting task; to help him you fill a jug with your pee that he can drink to gulp down the shit. You step a few time in the shit and each time the slave must clean the soles. At the end he must lick clean what his left in the plate and drink up all the pee in the jug. FOR CUSTOM VIDEO, from soft to very extreme, please contact me at: mistressgaialive,it.