Mistress Gaia – A Pill Of Shit

My doormat-slave is here, lounging on the floor, munching the foot of my boots, while Im relieving on the couch, smoking a cigarette. He is also serving me as a an ash-stand, of course!. This slave is totally impotent, I doubt he has ever had hookup with a woman, therefore, Im very surprised to see that is dicklets starts getting hard. Ok, even hard, his cock is still smaller than the heel of my stiletto but, nevertheless, this is a kind of miracle. I would like to play a little with his cock but it immediately returns to his flaccid state! There is only a way this slave can be useful for his Mistress: as a toilet. I begin emptying my bladder; I use a funnel so that nothing get wasted. Oh my god, how much pee I have!!! Now is time for my chocolate; my shit is really hard today and it takes me a lot of effort just to make a small piece; it looks like a pill. Good for the slave: he can swallow it in just one shot!!!