Mistress Gaia – Baby Bottle Of Urinate And A Handful Of Shit

Custom-built REQUEST - At the beginning you pack a baby bottle with your golden nectar and a plastic container with your caviar. Then you are sitting on a sofachair and a masculine slave is crawling on all fours to you. You permit him to smooch your boots and gobble the feet. Then he must lay on his back and the floor and you are sitting on his belly. For your pleasure you spit in his face and mouth and give him some heavy face slaps and if possible use him as an ashtray. In-between you give him the baby bottle with your nectar and make him to drink it all up. Then you take the container with your caviar and a spoon and you feed the slave a couple of spoons, so that his mouth is plenty filled with your caviar. Now you duct tape his mouth very tightly and let him crawl to the cross and you bind him on the cross. You tell him to swallow all the caviar in his mouth before you remove the duct tape. After the removal you take some of your caviar in the bowl in your gloved hand and put it into the mouth of the slave and you gag him with your hand till he swallowed your caviar. You repeat this couple of times.