Mistress Gaia – Diarrhea For My Female Slave

Today, Im going to use my female slave as a toilet. As you know, I never use the bathroom for my morning business but one of my slaves. Today Im with my female slave and, therefore, its her turn to be used as a toilet. I call her and she starts with a mistake: he walks instead of crawling to me. I order her to munch the feet of my boots and she makes a 2nd mistake: she touch my foot, which is stringently prohibited. But, now, its time for main task; I order her to lie on the floor with her mouth open and...... oh my God, its diarrhea again!!!! This is the right continuation of the last movie with my individual slave see MISTRESS GAIA - DIARRHEA FOR MY SLAVE: they both get their face flooded by a large amount of creamy shit. But, now, I have to pee. I order my slave to open her mouth again and I direct the stream directly inside her throat. What a disgusting view!!! Do you want to become one of my slaves? This is what will happen to you!!!! FOR CUSTOM CLIPS, FROM SOFT TO EXTREME, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT it.