Mistress Gaia – Evil Shit

Custom-made REQUEST - A naked masculine slave is tightly roped to a chairthe cross. Additionally he is ball-gagged and blindfolded. You are dressed in high-heel boots and a skin-tight trouser and a leather top. You hold a cup packed with your caviar in your hand and slowly approach to the male slave with a diabolical smile. You remove the blindfold and show the caviar to the male slave and let him smell it intensively. After some face slaps and face spitting you remove the gag as well and start to spoon feed the male slave your caviar very relentlessly and ruthlessly. You require the male slave to smile while you feed him to show his appreciation of your caviar. During the feeding you continue to spit into male slaves face and to slap the face. Please make sure that all of your sacred caviar is consumed and that the male slave chews and swallows thoroughly. At the end make the male slave lick the bowl clean.