Mistress Gaia – Foot Licking Amber Nectar

I have my slave on the floor. Earlier he was providing me some cheeky remarks. I want him only to be able to raise his head. Therefore, he is tied arm and foot in a painful hog-tie position. For his cheek, Im going to make sure his mouth is washed out. I begin by getting him to smooch and idolize my feet. I then get a dog cup and filll it with my sweet amber necter. I show it to my slut, and tell him how lucky he is as hes going to enjoy having it in his mouth. I get him to raise his head and open his mouth, then I dip my foot into the bowl. As he looks on, I stuff my foot tightly into his gaping mouth. Its so amusing watching him gargle for air, as he sucks the piss from my foot. I continue dipping my foot in the bowl and make him choke and suffer. As he struggles in his painful position. I shove the bowl under his chin, and tell him he must drink all the pee of Mistress .