Mistress Gaia – Gulping Digesting And Shiiting Out A Slave

Custom-built REQUEST - Dear Goddess Gaia. This is the basic script of the movie. The camera is always in the toilet box facing upwards. The entire slot should be visible and have toilet seat in view, I linked a sample screenshot of the view I like. You come into the framework wearing the taut white pants like the ones pictured if you still have them, but anything close to them works too.You talk about how you gulped a shrunken slave alive last and how you need to dump him out. You display off your mouth, opening it broad and showcasing it to the slave where he went, then your tummy, then your booty for a while pointing to it and mention the slave in your butt right now. You show off your ass before sitting down while wearing the tight pants and let out at least one fart but can always be more!, you taunt the slave in the box, talk about maybe doing the same to him swallowing him whole, digesting after a bit of dirty talk you pull down your pants showing your panty clad ass and sit back any bright undies with some rear coverage will work for this. White or light blue is preferred, nothing with lace if possible. You talk about how you swallowed the last slave whole, digested felt him inside you, while showing off your panty clad ass. You let out at least one fart I think I need to shit him out, you pull down your panties and proceed to dump on the slave while talking dirty and thinking of what to do with the slave in your toilet. Maybe eating him after cleaning him maybe flushing etc. Most of the language can be improvised, doesnt have to be exact, English is preferred of course. I like not being too specific so you can be creative a bit and I dont know what to expect.