Mistress Gaia – My Female Full Toilet

ENGLISH AND - Today it is my female slaves turn to be used as my full toilet. She is still in training and still needs to improve when it comes to gulping. As you know, my private slaves have to learn to totally guzzle my kaviar, otherwise they will be discarded and this also applies to female slaves. I embark by making her eat the dirty feet of my shoes, then I make her lie down on the floor and I make her smell my ass, from which she will soon receive her nourishment. I take off my panties and make her smell them too I kept them all the previous day and all night; you can imagine the smell!. But now is time to use the slave for what she is: a toilet. As often happens, my shit is abundant and a mushy mass, after filling her mouth, covers her entire face. But, today, the service must be complete, so I order her to open her mouth and I piss directly down her throat. His mouth is full of a disgusting mixture of piss and shit, difficult to swallow; I have to insist and she eventually succeeds. Good slave!!