Mistress Gaia – Pov Snax

Its time for your little treat, and I want you to lay on the floor where you belong. However, you must adore me and obey my instructions if you want to love my delicious treat. You will have the chance to eat my drool from my footwear, also the dirt from my beautiful feet. I will taunt and tease you until your cock begins to throb. You can only touch it when I give you permission. I have your bowl ready, and I fill it with my delicious amber nectar. Your mouth is getting dry as I torment you, but you cant enjoy my pee just yet. I need to add to your treat, and its time for me to empty my delicious shit into your bowl. Its a lovely combination and looks so appetizing as it floats in my pee. I continue to tease you, until you beg me to allow you to enjoy your pov .