Mistress Gaia – Shit Face Pleasure

I have my slave on the floor at the foot of my throne. Hes been waiting to love some of my temptations, and Im not going to disappoint him. However, I want him to make sure he understands his place, and to begin he must idolize my feet and munch my footwear. I notice he cant keep his forearms off his dick, so I permit my filthy slut to touch himself but he must not cum. Its time for me to give him his meal, and I get him to open his mouth as I relieve my shit over his face. I want him to enjoy all of it, and have decided to give him some assistance. I slip a condom tightly over my foot, then begin to smear all my shit over his face. I also give him a little footgagging, making sure my shit is at the back of his throat, and he swallows all of it. I finally leave him to play with himself and enjoy the luxury of being my shit face .