Mistress Gaia – Shit For A Slave Friend

Im preparing a special bounty for you, my dear slave Mustafa. You live far away but I know that you desperatly desires to have the possibility to eat my poo. Christmas is coming and, ultimately, I want to satisy your desire. Look, I have ready this plastic container; I wrote your name and signed my autograph on it; than Im going to pack it with my precious poo and ship it to you. Unfortunately it is not like receiving my shit directly in your mouth, while you are lying under my ass. It will take days, maybe weeks, until it will be delivered but I want you to smell and eat my caviar anyway. I also want you to send me pictures when the package arrives, showing you smelling, tasting and eating all my shit. Nothing must be left, my precious shit cannot be wasted. Good appetite Mustafa!!! And you, slave, you that are watching this video, are you ready to eat my shit? Contact me and your dream may become true!!