Mistress Gaia – Toilet Training Goes On

I have been training this slave as a human-toilet for fairly a long time but he still cant eat all my poo. You know, some days I may have a big amount of feces, other days, just a few puny chunks; sometimes my poop is hard, sometimes is almost diarrhea but I dont care, my toilet slaves must eat it all, up to the last bit. Lets see if this slave has finally learned the lesson or I need to discard him. The beginning is not very good: he cannot stay still and two pieces of my precious shit miss the target and fall to the ground. I get angry, I pick them up and put them back in his mouth, ordering him to swallow. He gags, then coughs, at times he seems in trouble, but he doesnt give up and, finally, succeeds in swallowing everything and proudly shows his empty mouth. This slave ha still a future as toilet-slave!!!