Mistress Gaia – Vintage Waste

Custom-built REQUEST - The very first scene takes place with you coming in the house after a long day at work and you are dressed in high-heeled shoes, taut pants and a t T-shirt. In the kitchen on the table you will find a bottle that they gave you, so you determine to taste the contents. You sit on the couch reading the newspaperbook to ease off and take off your high-heeled shoes and pants and just stay in your underwear and t shirt. At a certain point you feel a terrible discomfort in your stomach that becomes increasingly unbearable as the minutes pass. You have terrible stomach pains, and you desperately run to the bathroom and you close the door inside. Outside of the bathroom your complaints are heard as you try to relieve yourself. At one point the bathroom door opens, you get scared and embarrassed tell me phrases like Fabio cazzooo! Dont you see that the bathroom is occupied? What the fuck do you want? Fabio cant you see that Im relieving myself? My stomach hurts so much. Have you by chance put something in that bottle in the kitchen? s put poison in Only to see me relieve myself in the toilet. Youre a pervert!! You try to get up from the toilet to grab me but the pain makes you immediately change your mind and you immediately stay sitting. Then you say as soon as I can relieve myself Ill come for .