Mistress Giorgia’s Good Morning To The Human Toilet

The beautifull and wonderful Mistress Giorgia resumes the training of her fresh toilet. Today the slave will be approached to the divine chocolate of the Mistress! It is morning and the slave is placed in front of the traditional toilet where he must attend the very first morning piss of the Mistress. Then the Mistress cleans herself and puts the toilet paper in the mouth of her toilet before she starts her morning poo in front of the adoring eyes of her slave. After defecating, she puts the head of her fresh human toilet into the cup to get him used to the smell while she, splendid and perverse, rages with her heels on his back. After pulling the water she makes herself a bidet and finally allows the slave to kiss her divine ass laughing with amusement at the humiliation to which she has subjected her new toilet slave... The training is progressing well: how low will lead her new slave? Wonderful Mistress Giorgia: a fortune to belong and serve her!!!