Mouth Thriller Featuring Exclusive Bonus Content

Ok so this title actually includes a fresh movie, which is a part of the brief clip series, and also contains special bonus footage, bloopers, along with never before seen footage as well. The movie with the fresh content features Jessica, back to produce a big blast and does not disappoint! The scene starts with Mr Cheeks waiting and crouching at her pretty backside in anticipation. To give you some background on the night and the situation, she was on her period and had been baking a big geyser for about three days. You can actually see in the movie and notice some period stains on her undies, which is kind of hot given the circumstance! He evidently has been working on her for sometime to get her back to shoot again to no avail.and this in his words was a great victory lol. You can hear her say Mmmm baby here it comesopen your mouth! And boy did it come! It was an enormous batch of scat which he somehow packs all of it into his mouth. She then pushes another fat load out into his already stuffed mouth for a bonus. Jessica definitely delivered a mouth thriller which was eagerly received and put to great use! After the movie follows some never before seen bonus footage, which is then followed by bloopers and behind the scenes which was featured on the DVD. There is also a medley of content which was pretty cool I thought, some home made videos, and definitely plenty of new content to get off too I had never seen the bloopers and behind the scenes footage and well some of it was pretty darn funny I thought, especially when Alexiswell I will let you see it for yourself!!! Haha! As a side note I just wanted to say thank you to you all who took the time to write me and introduce yourselves and received me so kindly over the past few weeks! All of you have been nothing but stand up gentlemen, kudos to you men! Note: As some of you know Mr Cheeks had his Twitter banned. He has a new Twitter account If you have a Twitter give us a follow!!! RUNTIME:24m24s.