Must Withstand Or Pay It Hurts And Tastes Good

We agreed in advance with Christina - if I say stop, I have to pay 2 times more. I was afraid that I could not pass this test, but I dreamed Kristina not to feel discomfort and had a good time with me. She loves cropping me and loves when I quickly eat her crap. The essence of the game was this: very first, Christina closes my mitts in a metal chain. I stand at the finishes of the toes, like a ballerina - it is difficult and painful. Kristina strikes me with a whip and receives from this satisfaction 10 blows on the stomach and 10 on the back. She likes to see when I am in pain and I should not scream. Next, Christina frees me and I lie under her. Now she can really relax, and I have a more painful test. Today as I found out later Christina is very solid like clay, shit and it is very difficult to swallow. Then Christina left, but left a part of herself in me! ps Christina saved up this bunch for 3 days!