My Best Shits 6

It is time for my thickest and nastiest shits collection again in My Best Shits 6 This ever popular series aimed at those of you who love watching me take ample shits in peoples throats. From the massive, soft crap I took in my slaves mouth. You dont get more erotic than this. A damsel seated in convenience on a toilet chair with a stud keeping his mouth open broad under her asshole as she takes a massive shit. Showing the guy the true meaning of serving a girl, courtesy of Broken Toilet 24. To the HUGE shit I took down my slaves throat with a direct feed. With my slaves arms handcuffed around my wait he has no way to go during this direct feed where I shit several turds down his throat. Making him swallow all of them except the last one so you can see I was really shitting. - Broken Toilet 25And who can forget the explosive diarrhea in my slaves mouth. There is NO escape for my slave from his toilet duties, not even when I have explosive diarrhea. Even THAT goes directly in his mouth from my asshole From Broken Toilet 26To the day where my slave learned the true meaning of suffering as well as the real meaning of Girls On Top as Im seated in total comfort taking a gigantic shit right into his mouth! From Broken Toilet 27.