My Grateful Piece Of Shit

My slave write me a letter! It says how grateful he is being my slave. I do not know whether it is rousing or rather pathetic hahaha. Anyway, he got a fresh turd in his mouth for breakfast! Oh, and here is the letter translated, for you can see how stupid can be this shiteater hahaha! Thank you Goddess Scatha for let me be your slave and treat me like a human crap. Im very blessed being a lump of kaviar at your service. Thank you for trampling, searing and use me like a trash can or an ash-pot. I love to munch clean your dirty feet with my tongue, and of course to do the same with your asshole before you shit. Thank you for control my money and spend it for me, its the least you deserve for giving me the privilege of use my nasty mouth like your personal toilet and let me eat your delicious shit. I hope to can be at your service and at the service of you will want. At your feet, your Piece of Shit.