My Wife Stole My Shit

-Well, then I felt my arm in my butt!!-Did you like it?-No, it was swift, at that moment I felt like a thing!!-The thing over which outraged?- She took the most valuable thing I had left, my lovely lump of crap.. DIRECTLY FROM MY Booty!!!-And then what?-Well, I determined to see what this madman would do, and I must say honestly, I was speechless.. It was necessary to see, she was sick at times due to the fact that I love to eat dead pets I heard from our time machine from time to time dinosaurs run out, it frightened me and I fell asleep!- Dude, are you kidding me?-Bro, watch this video and see for yourself what she does with my fresh feces. She literally choke on my shit, smears her face, doing different things!!! This video is my last proof of my truth, I tried to make it cool, there are practically no glues, good quality the sources are made in 4k I hope you enjoy it!! I will delight you with new content every week, good luck !! And enjoy this crazy scat movie!