Nikki And Christina Pee On Car

I am looking at Christinas phone and find a picture of my bf! So I pull her face to the car window, make her drool on it and munch it off. But she soon get very angry with me, and pull me to the window to gobble my own drool. We soon realize we are both pretty mad, and the car is the best place to place our anger! We proceed to slobber on the car window, and Christina think it is time to pee as well. She pees a really nice stream. To show our anger furthermore, I also need to pee, and give the car some of my golden shower to consummate. Then we both rub our sexy tits on the window, where we just have peed and spit a lot. Christina need to pee yet again and give one more shower for the car. But I am still upset with her pictures of my boyfriend, so I make her lick the spit of my piss covered window, before we both agree that the car is our bitch!