Nothing But Toilets For Me

I have two slaves at my disposition, and they are fortunate to be admiring a beautiful Princess like me! I stand above them so I know the view must be heaven for the slaves. I take both of them inwards and have them lie on the floor. I will for sure make sure they do not go thirsty, so I piss in both of their throats. They have to gulp every drop, I for sure dont want the floor messed up and smelling of piss. After emptying my bladder in the pathetic mouths of the slaves, I have them get ready for some more. I squat over their faces with my sexy ass, and I really want to feed them as well. So I keep pushing and pushing, and you can really see my ass open and close. But having had a bad stomach it was no food left for the slaves, so they can both just clean my shitty asshole with their tongues while I humiliate the losers! They should be happy that I allow them to clean my dirty asshole!