One Is Eating The Other Is Licking

One is eating, the other is tonguing. Recently, Mrs. Christina and Victoria like to have joy with two slaves. They do it sometimes, so this time they invited me and Bernar. Usually I serve chicks alone, and for me it was the very first time I had to serve chick's with a playmate. I am considered the best eater of kaviar, so the Mistresses determined specially to use my mouth to send their fragrant poops into it. I indeed like to eat female poop, but I also really like to lick a beautiful girl in her ass after she have pooped. This time I was not lucky, and the second slave licked the girls asses. This session was quite difficult for me. Mrs. Victoria and Christina like to admire the red back of a slave who is flogged by a whip. They flogged me when I was kissing their shoes, and after flogging, the girls trampled on my body. Finished having fun, the girls wished a toilet. Serving as a toilet was also not easy. The Mistresses completely filled my mouth with their poops and made a big pile on my face. Christinas shit was very bitter and very smelly, and I am very sorry that I could not try Mistress Victorias poops in their purest form, because she was second in turn, and small pieces of her shit fell on Christinas shit. With great difficulty, I had to swallow a huge pile that the girls made on my face, and the second slave was licking asses of girls carefully. The girls were satisfied with both slaves.