Piss Shit A Proper Slave Meal

Shut up. You dont even have to say anything. Youre a dirty little piggy, arent you? Coming to see a woman like me Youre fresh to this filthy way of life, arent you? Very well then lets embark you off with something light, shall we? Oh, maybe extreme or unbelievably perverse for your average man, but light compared to what I could be doing to you, I promise I hover over you, and thrust a big stinky stream of kaviar in your mouth! Doesnt the poop stink, and feel hot down your throat? Smear it on your facecome on, you can do better than that! Ill make bit easier for you, and spray you all over with my hot piss from the pot! Now you can mix that shit and piss together, and smear yourself all over and fully.