Poop Licking Tasting Stop While Grocery Shopping

Im at the grocery store getting some hot fried chicken for dinner. As I am shopping for a few other things I need, I get the urge to piss and stop to use their restroom. I lift up my long brown dress, and pull down and smell my stained white cotton undies. I release my piss and then thrust out my sexy crap from my ass hole while taunting my twat with my fingers. I love cumming while I am going to the bathroom! I scoop out my poop out of the stores restroom toilet with my hands. I tease you with my sexy shit by showing you my turds up close. I begin to lick my poop thinking of you tasting my sexy ass, I pop all of my poop in my mouth and then spit into a bag. I am getting so wet as I taste my hot poop thinking about being about to play with my saved poop later. I put my poop in my pocketbook, leave the restroom, to make sure no one has taken my chicken since the deli was closing up. I was lucky my chicken was still in my cart, I worried about that while licking and tasting my poop. haha .