Poop Sniffing

This is a drool play and smell fetish movie including slobbering on my tits, shit smelling and booty finger-tickling. I am wearing just my sexy black stilettos, and I commence playing with my big, natural tits. I slobber all over them, and tell you that my saliva stinks. I cover them in spit, getting them sloppy and shiny, wrinkling my nose at the smell of my stinky spit. I turn around and spread my ass, touching it and sniffing my fingers. God it stinks of shit! I must need to poop. I start fingering my asshole, playing with it and I tell you I can actually feel the poo inside me. I push a little and the shit slides out on to the floor. I show you my finger which has little flecks of poop on it and I sniff it. It smells so bad! There must be more to come out. I push out quite a few more logs on to the floor, telling you how bad it smells the whole time. I wink my butthole for you a few times, then I show you the pile I made and tell you how bad the room smells now, filled with the stink of my shit and spit.