Pretty Flowers Mini Loose Poop Stained Panty

covered in flowers with my super worn white swimsuit panty, but I cant wait any longer I need to go to the bathroom now. I pull down my dirty cotton panty that I have been wearing for years and liberate crap comes pouring from my butthole. I pull up my panty without wiping my butt with toilet paper, and drive to the store. I get most of my shopping done, and have to urinate. I walk to the bathroom in the back of the store, but it is closed for repairs. My beaver is getting so raw from walking around the store in my pretty super brief skirt wondering if anyone can see or smell my stained and scented panty. I walk to the bathroom located in the front of the store, and pee. I let you stare at my pretty pussy while I pee. I go and check out, the man who was standing behind me in line drove his car very slow while passing me in the parking lot while I was putting away my groceries which turned me on. I realized I forgot to buy something, so I stop at another store on the way home. I dont need to go to the bathroom, but I need to push my dirty panty into my ass adding some more stains. Thinking of you smelling my panties and knowing they are only going to get filthier keeps me so horny!!