Sables So Close You Can Almost Smell It

Sable is back with a good fresh trio of up close and individual dumps!!! I LOVE when she gets the camera right behind her. This dame indeed shoves out some MASSIVE piles!!! I gotta tell you, I love me a amazon woman!! These tall chick's really know how to shit!!! Sable treats us to two great at work dumps and one at home. As always, she saved the best for last!!! She was getting ready to unleash her big fat shit, even begins with some wet gassy farts as well, when hilariously a co-worker comes in singing before using the toilet! Being the professional she is read: not wanting her co-worker to hear and smell the big nasty shit she was about to take, she paitiently holds it in while her co worker uses the toilet. She squeezes a few airy farts as that shit was just begging to be free from her tight ass!! Boy was the wait worth it, As she pushed out a dump that was too big to go down on one flush!!