Schoolgirl Piss Domination

While everybody is rushing out of the classroom at the ring of the class bell, three ladies are just sitting around waiting for the last man to leave! However, just before he exits the room, they grab him, pull him inwards, and then lock the door! He has no idea what is going on, but before he could even ask, he is stripped of his clothes! After which, the sweethearts piss into a steel cup, put him on his knees, and submerge his face inwards it! When he lifts up his head, he despairingly catches his breath, but before he could even entirely recover, he is grabbed by his hair, has his head tilted up, and gets the contents of the cup poured down his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to swallow mouthful after mouthful! When nothing is left, the ladies proceed with taking turns urinating directly into his mouth! Every time one finishes, she would smother him with her pussy, leaving him with no choice but to lick and devour her dirty vagina!