Shit And Piss For The Slave

Today, Mistress Giorgia Divina has determined to exaggerate with the slave... Today will be treated as a toilet slave in a fantastic movie that collects piss and poop of the Mistress. The slave has to lie down on the floor underneath the Mistress, she instantly begins with a great piss over the slaves penis. Below the slaves ass is put a rag that swallows all of the piss. The rag, all soaked with piss, is put on the slaves face instead of his mask.... The slave must suck the Mistresss piss from the rag...The Mistress goes side by side with the slave and begins to shit, the slave does not realize why he is blindfolded, but the Mistress is very sadistic and decides to put a slaves finger inside the shit just made and making a riddle to the slave.....Of course, there is no shortage of humiliations and spits for the toilet slave!