Shitting Myself – Will You Clean Me

Sometimes it can feel truly good to kaviar in your pants even if you are a rich successful business woman like I am. Its a good stress ease actually. To be fair my intention was only to fart when I sharted and the instant ease felt so good I couldnt help myself. So I kept going, defecating myself in my fancy office clothes in full view of you. Feeling my soft thick kaviar pushing my rigid ass cheeks apart and pushing up into my sexy booty crack felt good but now its a nasty mess back there. Fortunately I have my trusty toilet slave I can call in to come and clean up the mess back his MOUTH! What makes this movie unique? The fact that its not often you see a woman defecating herself and someone cleaning her up ENTIRELY using only his tongue. Keep in mind, thats a much tougher task than you might think. Very first he had to eat all my kaviar out from inbetween my booty cheeks in full view for you. He had to ensure you can see him put my shit in his mouth, chew swallow and show you his empty mouth shit smeared tongue after each swallow. What made his task VERY TOUGH was that he now had to literally wash my shit smeared asshole, ass cheeks as well as ass crack with only his tongue and NOTHING else. What made his task even tougher was that every now and then Id relief myself further in his mouth since it was back there sealed over my asshole trying to lick it clean. It felt so fucking amazing making him suffer like that and making his job so much harder while experiencing the intense pleasure. I kept soiling his mouth little bit at a time because it felt good for ME and thats all that matters. Eventually I was empty so he drilled my asshole with his tongue often showing you his progress so you can see how little bit at a time my asshole ass crack becomes cleaner as I moaned from the intense pleasure of it all. He licked everything so clean back there Im sure my bottom was cleaner than it was the day of my birth. He shows you afterwards how well-mannered he is by actually THANKING me that he could eat my shit and clean my ass with his mouth. In full view for you to see. teach my toilet slaves DEVOTION, GRATEFULNESS as well as RESPECT. Make sure you check my store to see all my other amazing scat toilet slavery videos as well as solo pooping videos. I also cater for the farting peeing fans too. See for yourself why people love my videos so much xoxo.