Sinnamon’s Panties Twerking And Log Dropping

Sinnamon is back with another Fine fresh Treat!! Love as she puts that booty in front the camera as she shows off her sexy undies, boyshorts, and thongs and then lets rip in five fabulous clips!! She puts the camera on the back of the tank and then Shimmies in and out her panties, putting on a lil show before getting to business! Enjoy as she spreads her ass wide to show you her logs as they fall out her ass as she hovers above the seat! You get see each turd slide out her ass and hear the sound of each splack! She shows the end result before flushing as well. She was really cranking out some serious logs and her usual Turd Nuggets! She must be the turd nugget champ!! LOL. But its panties, booty, and boo-boo galore in this clip!!