Slave Feeding

I come back home from shopping and take of my normal clothes and suit up into my mistress gear and instantaneously call my slave to whipping his nut sack and having pierce his dick as he starts making his way to me preparing himself for what I have planned for him my tummy starts to hurt a lot as I instruction him to stand up and spread both of his gams apart so I can whip his nutsack my tummy starts hurting again and I commence to wonder what is making my tummy hurt this much. I said: HURRY UP SLAVE! I CAN Slightly HOLD IT ANYMORE! as he comes in the room with my toilet chair I request him to get under the chair under my booty as I step over him and urgently pull my pants down and close my gams together as I use the chair for grip and I explosively shit out the pain all over the slaves face then as I keep squeezing the chair for more grip to let out more painful diarrhea then when I think it has calm down a tad bit I grip both arms around my stomach and lean forward to comfort myself as I keep pooping out the pain all over his face and during which I hear him crying and I shout SHUT UP SLAVE! as I repeat myself again telling him to shut up I have him open his mouth wider in order to shut him up with more shit down into his throat when I feel finished for the time being I get the toilet paper and wipe my ass and tell him to eat up my shitty tissues when are finished eating the pain all over his mouth because I may have to go again real soon. I meet with him in the living room to face more punishment when he is through eating as I prepare to give him for what I have instored for him Hard ballbusting, when he comes to face his punishment I strictly tell him to never put such a cleanser in my drink again or youll do the same thing to him again.