Snap Crackle Pop Pee Yummy

I kept looking at the leftover rice krispie treats on the kitchen counter that I made wanting to urinate on them. I think my piss will make my treats even tastier for my toilet cocksluts to love. I take my rice krispie treats to the bathroom to soak them with my piss, but my horniness clouded my brain and left behind the main thing about rice krispies! It actually made me smile and feel a little ditzy that I did not even think about that, I just wanted to pee on them so badly! I got even hornier after my mistake, and I take the whole tray of pee soaked rice krispie treats in to my bedroom to eat while I masturbate. I think I made these rice krispie treats even yummier by peeing all over them! I know I was so full after eating them all, but it tasted delicious and made me cum good.