Tasting My Sweet Poop Balls

While driving to the store I truly needed to piss, but I embarked thinking about my crap. I walked around the store and got my shopping done very first. I parked my cart outside the womens bathroom because I truly needed to piss! I left behind that this store bathroom was the bathroom that I had been in before. There is no lock on the inwards of the door. I asked the women before going in if there was a key because I remembered once I got in there. She told me no the womens just opens, so I said ok and went in. It felt so good releasing a nice stream of urinate. I began thinking of my ass because I did not poop yesterday. I pushed out some firm poop balls, and I had to use my fingers to help get the poop out of my asshole. I couldnt wait to taste my poop now because my poop tastes the sweetest when its firm! I scooped up my turds out of the public toilet and began licking before putting them into my mouth to get a nice taste. My firm poop balls taste so sweet and yummy. I spit my firm turds into a ziploc bag to save them for later to play with. It was sexy, but a little nerve racking thinking of another woman walking in on me in the restroom with a mouth full of my shit! I left the bathroom still tasting my poop and carrying my poop inside my purse with me. I had a nice horny scat break at the store in the middle of a day that I needed.