The Milanese Human Toilet

The splendid and masochistic Mistress Giorgia is on holiday in Milan. Those who know her know that the wonderful Goddess never uses normal toilets for her bodily needs, but only human toilets. Even on vacation, she is not willing to switch her habits and for this she calls a Milanese toilet slave to serve her. Before being used, the human toilet is permitted to display his allegiance and gratitude to the splendid Mistress Giorgia for the privilege of serving her, which was granted to him. The sadomasochistic Mistress Giorgia today feels magnanimous and brought a bounty for her toilet slave: a funnel with which to serve the beautiful Goddess. Every single drop of his precious urine will end up in the stomach and on the face of the lucky toilet. Finally the servant shows all his ineptitude forgetting to provide for toilet paper; the amazing Mistress is to clean up with the slip protector and, after having slipped it in slaves mouth, she abandons the human toilet in that position for an indefinite time... maybe, until the next use. Gorgeous and sadistic Mistress Giorgia: Queen of toilet slavery!!!