The Morning Shit On The Foreign Slave

The masochistic and perverse Mistress Giorgia is increasingly international! An English slave has faced a long journey for the privilege of submitting to the splendid Goddess, so the divine Mistress Giorgia grants him the honor of serving her in the most degrading way: to serve as a toilet for her daily needs. The toilet chair is already in place when the slave is made to lie down while waiting for the Mistress to use him. The splendid Mistress Giorgia embarks to cover the face and the assets of her fresh toilet with an abundant pissing, then with regal tranquility she commences to poop by covering the face of the slave with all her divine chocolate. The slave remains defenseless and motionless, accepting his humble and degraded position at the feet of the divine Mistress Giorgia. The Mistress is satisfied and, after having cleaned herself with the toilet paper that will obviously end up in the mouth of the toilet slave, she takes some souvenir photos at the request of the new English toilet. Sadistic and splendid Mistress Giorgia: slaves flock from all over the world to submit to her domain and unconditionally put themselves at her service.