Toilet In An Abandoned Building

Toilet in an abandoned building. Today I had to fulfill the special assignment of Victoria and Christina. The chick's had to go on business to the outskirts of the city, and after that they intended to take a walk. There are no public toilets in this part of city, so I was given the task of finding an abandoned building. I had to be there and wait woman's to serve them as a toilet. I had to wait a long time, several hours. I was very cold during this time. Around was the smell of damp, urine and homeless people. I had to wait for my Mistresses in very awkward conditions. Eventually, I heard their cheerful and ringing voices. The women found me and instantly ordered me to lie down on the ground with my mouth open, because they very dreamed to use the toilet. I was to drink all their urine, and then eat 2 large servings of poops. The girls left, and I remained lying among dust, stones and broken bricks, with the taste of their shit and urine in my mouth. But at the same time, I was pleased that I was used as a toilet by these beautiful girls.