Toilet Paper With The Slave’s Tongue

The splendid and perverse Mistress Giorgia today awaits one of her slaves for the daily duty of serving her as a human toilet. Before using it the Divine Mistress Giorgia gives the servant the honor of cleaning the high-heeled shoes of hers wonderful boots with his tongue, then she tucks the slaves head in the toilet and starts to piss in his mouth. Pissing is, as always, abundant and in that awkward position the slave fights to perform his service. The masochistic Mistress is very amused by the situation and insists flooding the face of the servant: the precious urine of the Goddess finishes not only in the mouth, but also in the face, in the eyes and in the nose of the slave who is fighting to breathe unleashing the laughter of the Mistress determined drown him in her piss. Having finished urinating, to punish the fact of not having been able to drink all her precious urine, Mistress Giorgia allows only to look at her while she shits in the ceramic WC: the incompetent slave has not been able to deserve the honor of serving her as a complete toilet. Finally, magnanimously, she gives the slave the privilege of serving her as toilet paper and bidet allowing him to clean her divine anus still dirty with precious chocolate with his tongue! Sublime and beautiful Mistress Giorgia: splendid as a Goddess!!!