Toronto Interview Ass Big Like A Raptor

NOTE: Albeit this movie is almost 23 minutes long there is an interactive interview that lasts about 10 minutes longYazmin is back and this time she agreed to let me interview her and ask her any questions that I wished. She was totally candid and opened up about her likes regarding the fetish. She also gave us some insight into her private life as well, as we talked about everything from scat, to people filming her arse from behind in stores, to politics!!! She also opted for less mask, so you can all actually see her face and see how beautiful she actually is. Coming into this movie, this scene was supposed to only be an interview which I was going to put into a full length interview movie with several girlsdiscussing a little about themselves as well as the fetish. However as our time together unfolded, and we chatted both off and on camera, it become clear that she actually embarked feeling like she had to take a kaviar. Neither of us had any idea this would actually turn into more then an interview I can promise you that! This is the type of poop I live for! This was a total surprise scat session. Unnecessary to say I determined to scrap the interview movie and turn this into an interactive interview with a twist of just Yazmin. I had some undergarments with me in my bag gratefully which she put on for me. Just knowing the possibility that I might be eating poo and jizzing and not just talking about it had me amazingly excited!!! So as it turned out she was actually right about feeling something but a bit premature on the timing, as she was constipated a bit, which was fine because I have no problem at all going in and digging out whatever I possibly can to eat! I mean after all this is what we do, hunt for scat, from pretty bitches with big fat booties anyway we can get it! She also was loving the fingers in her shitty anus as well. I was able to procure several nice mouthfuls poop and was super excited that this was even happening at all!!! Watch as she shits some into my mouth and then allows me to finger fuck her asshole, and pull out big globs of scat to feast onShe has no problem sucking my nipples and my cock while my hand, mask and mouth are totally covered in her shit! I have to be honest I have had many girls puke or not be able to handle the smell of there own shit. If your not into the fetish its pretty much expected. This girl is a real G! She totally gets off on men eating her shit, and enjoying it and just so happens to have this big fat giant ass! She gave me the most incredible head as I swallowed every mouthful of her shit, and busted a huge thick load all over her face and into her mouth!!! She gobbled it all up, and played with it and blew actual bubbles with my nut! LOL Yazmin is a true hero! CheersRuntime22m58s.