Venus’ Got It In My Face

Venus had some SERIOUS backdraft in this one!!! Her beau was super excited to send me these clips claiming they were the two most explosive she has done so far!! In the very first scene, my dude who loves to get nice and up close to get those fine POV shots was a little too close. Venus starts getting right to business from the 2nd she sits down with a desperate mighty streaming piss. Abruptly the heavy stream Changed colors and exits if you catch my drift!! Instead of peeing, it almost seemed like she was peeing out her booty!! Just like a Slurpee Machine or when its almost out, her rear pipe started back drafting!! Her diarrhea squirts get all over her man and even the camera lense!! It even got in his eyes! lol When she gets up to reveal her latest bowl destruction the images dont do it justice!! Dayum this girl explodes!! The second scene is another great explosion, with even more gas than the first. She was just a farting and blasting!! These are by far two of the most explosive diarrhea clips yet from the most explosive shitter I have ever seen!! Another Amazing exhibition!!