Violet Dual Feature Premiere – Candid Series – Broken Toilet And Candid Booty Creep

Jimmy has a fresh room mate! Shes a 20 year old college student and is GORGEOUS! she knows about the studio but has said she wants nothing to do with it!!!! Jimmy couldnt fight back however! in this package you get two movies! Movie 1In this movie, Jimmy makes a fake letter telling the water is out for the day! He shows violet and tells her that she can use his toilet chair, and he can clean everything up when she is done! he apologizes for the inconvenience and Violet is not happy! Later he catches her Peeing with his Hidden Camera, she FILLS THE GLASS! peeing like a racehorse! After she leaves, jimmy heads in to clean up. With Violet just feet away outside, he tries to drink her urine without letting her hear! Video 2Violet is ordering some stuff on Amazon for her room and her Booty looks SOOOO GOOD! Jimmy couldnt resist sneaking the camera behind her! she asks multiple times what Jimmy is doing and he has to turn and hide the camera! YOU DONT WANNA MISS THIS AMAZING TEEN BOOTY!