We Urgently Need A New Toilet Slave

We urgently need a fresh toilet slave. Today the damsels are very well ready! Christina and Victoria turned out to be big heaps. I could not find a toilet slave for this meeting and I had to lie under the chick's myself. Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for me to guzzle, and I also have a strong fear of meeting with women, my adrenaline to the maximum. After the session, I feeld. Kristina turns me on a lot, but even her poo is very difficult for me to swallow. In this video, I tried and kept to the last, I ate Christinas shit almost completely, but I started to feel sick and not to vomit girls dont like when a slave vomits I had to stop. Kristina sat down on the toilet, I see her sweet hole, she says - I have endured for a long time and now I will feel bliss, and a warm pile of liquid shit filled my mouth, I thought - damn it! I forgot to take the shoulder blades and we remembered them when Kristina had already slapped my mouth, it was funny. Christina ate baked potatoes in the oven, salad with cabbage, buckwheat..