Welcome To The Most Beautiful Load

Welcome nastyboys and let the bids begin this is a poop that I had to record quickly so widescreen view I prompt the camera up and attempted to hold it as long as I could but it had to be released and it came out in a creamy thick geyser that was so long it curled and it was warm and instantly the smell packed the room. It was a phat blob of poo and it was ALOT! My body is all oiled and tits are plumped the view is breathtaking and will have you begging to have this load of shit! I bring the camera closer and show it off every view I could and that doesnt even do its justice!!! I never shitted a most beautiful load the weight to it has to be a few pounds, having it sit in the sun made it glisten and look even more appealing and delicious to eat smear and keep for more purposes! Should I keep it and sell it to most nastiest nastyboy or discard it. let the bids begin boys this is a one of a kind load and you WILL INSTANTLY CUM OFF MY SHIT!