Worship Legs And Toilet Slavery

Costum sexy allurement gams and hips on request with toilet slavery in Italian. The movie must be very slow with good lighting. Before I could myself to eat your poop at the end of the movie, I would like you to predominate me in a sweet but always inflexible way. You will never have to showcase me your vagina or undress completely. I am a devoted slave and I can only lick and clean your ass at the end. Lets start: the first ten minutes are all about worshiping the legs of the feet and the calves. My reward for caressing your shoes and ends in a devoted way will be to be able to get closer and closer to you. Slowly that we will go on in the video you will be able to change the frame and bring me closer and closer. All this must last as long as possible at least 20 minutes and must lead me to explode with pleasure in the end when you order me to eat your shit. In the last 9 minutes you will give me my prize: with your legs open so that I can see your face and your expressions you will piss and shit in your mouth completely allowing me to finally come.